Hier die Beschreibung

Hier die Beschreibung

Hier die Beschreibung

ANNABURGER Nutzfahrzeug GmbH


1. Conventional Trailer

Trailer for transport of agricultural goods and the application of organic fertilizers

Silage Trailer

Universal Spreader


The Specialist for transport
of grass- and maize silage!
One of Europe's best, for the application of manure, compost
and lime!
Two in One! For transporting of silage goods and the spreading of manure, compost and lime!


Tipper Trailer

Chaser Bin

For overcharging of grass and maize silage on field edges or in silos!

Trailer combination
(with Auger)

The all-rounder for the transport of agricultural goods!


The specialist in the grain harvest ensures high daily output!



Trailer combination
(with Auger, Spreading Mechanism)

Steel Tank Trailer

Polyester Tank with Compressor

Polyester Tank with Rotary Pump

The cheap alternative to polyester tank trailer for a uniform and plant appropriate organic fertilizing!
Polyester Tank Trailer with powerful compressor systems guarantees an effective application!
Polyester Tank Trailers with rotary pump system ensures short filling and large production rates!

Polyester Tank Feeder with Compressor

Polyester Tank Feeder with Rotary Pump

The ideal transport vehicle for the manure chain!
Transported manure and liquids from Biogas stations to the field trailer or self-propelling chairs!

Basic Chassis in 4 performance classes with 6 superstructures for different operations



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