Hier die Beschreibung

Hier die Beschreibung

Hier die Beschreibung

ANNABURGER Nutzfahrzeug GmbH


HTS FieldLiner - The most advanced transfer trailer for overloading of grass and maize harvests on the field edge or in silos!

As the result of long distance transportations between the field and the silo or the biogas plant more and more biogas plant operators and contractors need reliable and robust transportation vehicles. Vehicles which can transport an enormous loading volume and can quickly empty on the field edges or in the silo. The FieldLiner can be used both, as a normal Silage trailer, as well as a transfer vehicle.

Operating conditions

The Field Liner -
A vehicle for the combined use
for overloading on field edges but also for direct transport to silo!

1. Used as a Silage Trailer

  • loaded from the Field Chopper the FieldLiner can be used as an high capacity Silage Trailer used for transport to silo

  • ensuring an optimal distribution on the silo the distribution device with its 3 milling rollers is ideally suited

  • the back door is adjustable in its opening angle

2. Used as a transfer vehicle

  • loaded from the Field Chopper the FieldLiner can be used as transfer vehicle for transport to the field edge

  • here take place the overloading of the materials into the waiting truck

  • because of two powerful telescopic cylinder the superstructure is lifting to a max. transfer height of 4.60 m

  • a 23 degree angle of inclination is realized

Performance class


HTS 29.06 FieldLiner
Total perm. weight (t)
Supported load (t)
Body volume (m3)
PTO speed (rpm)
Quick unloading time (sec.)
Transfer height (m)
Total length (m)
External width (m)
Height in working position (m)
Set of tires


  • two powerful telescopic cylinders with lifting capacity 40t lift the superstructure in a few seconds to 4.60m and can overload the materials into transporter with high side walls

  • the tipper body for receiving the scraper floor building is tilting forward
  • the separate oil supply (oil tank 80 liters) with pump lift the structure to a height of 4.60 m
  • front wall is folding fully hydraulically
  • protective grid for the mechanical scraper floor

  • ANNABURGER Nutzfahrzeug GmbH • Torgauer Strasse 59 / 61 / 63 •06925 Annaburg • Germany • Phone: +49 (0) 35385 709 0 • email: info@annaburger.de